My Biggest Career Move Yet

What a summer it has been. I took one of the most interesting vacation trips I’ve ever had – a three-week InterRail romp through Europe. We met interesting people, spent approximately 4 000 km on trains and drank a lot of beer. I don’t think I’ve spent that long without really thinking about work since I got started.

Getting really relaxed and out of work-mode was a really good idea. You see, before we left, I had made some plans, and I’ve been acting on the plans since I came back.

I’m switching jobs again. But this time both the reasons and the new job are a bit different: I’m setting up shop with Sami Poimala, Jouni Heikniemi and Riikka Heikniemi. My very own company, something I’ve been dreaming about for years now.

Exciting times!


So what’s the plan?

Well, since you asked, the long-term plan looks a lot like this:

Pinky and The Brain



However, that’s going to take some time to achieve, so the near-term plan looks more like this:

Will code HTML for food


In all seriousness, though, when you put the right people together, good things tend to happen. And I can’t think of a more fitting group of people to accompany me.

Chad Fowler says that when you play music, you should always strive to surround yourself with players that are better than you.

I think I just did. Smile

I’d like to thank all my soon-to-be-ex-coworkers at Sininen Meteoriitti. It’s been a brief, but fun ride together, and I won’t forget any of you any time soon. If you miss me terribly, you can always have someone make a pot of bad coffee and listen to some Eduard Khil!


Stay tuned for the next installment.


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