Network problems

A few weeks ago I tried installing Visual Studio 2010. The installer failed a couple of times, but after the successful install, I quickly had to remove it because of an issue that came up: every program that tried to access the network simply hung instead of running.

Uninstalling VS helped, so I figured the beta was buggy and forgot about it. Until yesterday, when installing VMWare Workstation 7 caused the exact same issue. Obviously the culprit had to be something else, then.

I had installed a NetLimiter 3 trial  a while back, and let it expire since I decided I didn’t need it after all. Having a hunch that it might be the root cause, I tried to uninstall it. However, the state of my OS was such that even the uninstall failed.

Fortunately, a reboot later, I was able to first uninstall VMWare, then reboot again and finally remove NetLimiter. And wouldn’t you know it, after reinstalling VMWare, everything still works. So apparently VMWare did something with the network that NetLimiter really didn’t like.

This also means I wrongly blamed VS 2010 Beta 2 for the issue, so it might be appropriate to give it another shot. I’m really looking forward to trying ReSharper 5, particularly Structured Patterns and Call Tracking.

Good times.

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