Security warning redux

Back in January I wrote about the security dialog for downloaded content in Windows Vista. Today, Jouni Heikniemi explains the mechanism behind the warning. In my post I pondered thusly:

Obviously the information about the original location of the file is stored somewhere, otherwise the button couldn’t have appeared when I moved it there.

Well, perhaps it isn’t that obvious. Jouni gives an example of the metadata stored within:


So the metadata identifies the originating zone. I’m left wondering why I wasn’t able to grant full trust without moving the file back to the original location. Perhaps there is more than one stream?

One comment

  • There is only one metadata stream (Zone.Information) associated with the Attachment Manager – at least on Win7.

    I don’t have Vista SP1 handy to repro your issue, but I would imagine digging into the metadata with streams.exe would reveal the secret behind that. As to why it’s implemented that way (requiring the file to be in its original path at the time of unblocking), I’m as confused as you are – perhaps you really should invoke the Chen card.

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