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I’m too lazy to finish the travelogue now (and truth be told, even I find it a little boring as a tale instead of the experience), but I think I’ll get around to it later. In the meantime, some interesting bits and pieces.

I’m learning C!

Well, trying to, anyway. I decided to do my data structures project in C. The single most useful resource so far: How to read C declarations.

TortoiseHg now runs on x64

As of 0.8, TortoiseHg works with the 64bit Windows Explorer. Yum! I had close to zero success running it using a 32bit Explorer on Windows 7 – the fractional bits of “success” were the times I noticed TortoiseHg overlays in the File Open dialog of a 32bit app… 😛

The mystery of the Two Document Folders

I figured out why I have two sets of “My Documents” (and a bunch of other links I can’t open) in my home directory:

Screenshot of Windows 7 Explorer showing two "My Documents" folders

I figured they appeared when I chose to have Explorer display all hidden files and folders. The second “My Documents” is in fact a NTFS junction point that exists no doubt for compatibility reasons. The first “My Documents” folder is really called “Documents”, Explorer just has some magic to translate the name. I wonder what happens to the junction if I switch languages…

Live Writer needs to ask for confirmation before publishing a blog post…

… or I need to stop blogging when I’m too tired to think straight. I was trying to change the formatting of a block from “Paragraph” to “Heading 3”, and what I did instead was hit “Publish”. Apologies for RSS subscribers, all um… two of you, I have a sneaking suspicion you may see an earlier version of this post due to said mishap.

That’s it for today.

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  • “..and truth be told, even I find it a little boring as a tale instead of the experience”

    Älä muuta virka. Hiukan turhauttavaa yrittää tiivistää sanoiksi kaikenlaisia tuntemuksia ja fiiliksiä omastakaan reissusta. Se vaan tapahtu! 🙂

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