London calling

So my vacation has just begun. I’ve only got three weeks this year, because I switched jobs about a quarter of a year into the period that determines the yearly vacation time. I didn’t negotiate more paid vacation time when I took this new job, either. My mistake, but there you go.

We’re kicking my vacation off with a trip to London tomorrow. We’ll be there for a week. Our current plans include some of the mandatory sights, but mostly I just want to wander around a bit, sit in cafés, browse books at book stores and get to know the local culture a bit.

In the meantime, three of our friends are touring the Europe together on the InterRail. With any luck, they’ll manage a detour to London for a day or two so we can hit the town together, and see what sort of mayhem we can come up with. 🙂

In other news, I’m futzing a bit with Windows Live Photo Gallery – I think it really needs a publishing plug-in that creates a zip archive from the selected images. This will most likely end up being Yet Another Project I Won’t Finish, but still, it’s enough to keep me interested.

Another developer-y thing I’ve been looking at is the XNA framework. It’s really fun, even if all I’ve managed so far is to draw a couple of lines here and there. I’m considering starting a small game project with a friend of mine.

This about wraps it up for today. Rytmis out.

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