Friday, here we come

Last night we went to see Faith No More at the Kaisaniemi park, home of the Tuska Festival (which begins tomorrow, by the by), and even though I’ve never been a big fan, the gig was pure awesome. The sheer intensity of Patton’s act is amazing, his vocal range is beyond belief, and the style with which the band performed made it one hell of a night.

While going through the photos (a few of which I cropped up a bit and uploaded to a Flickr set) I remembered how much I suck as a photographer. By and large that’s because I practice rarely if ever, and I don’t really know the camera I’m shooting with. 😛

So Tuska tomorrow, and while I’m not attending the festival, I am planning on a little get-together on the lawn outside. The weather so far has been incredible and we’ve got friends from all over coming to join us. Should be fun!

Mike Patton

“I see beer… lots and lots of beer in the near future!”