My wrongness quota is filling up

Today I blamed TFS for a problem I was having, when it was me all along who was looking in the wrong place. Granted, VS could have been a liiiiittle bit more informative, but still, had I opened the correct branch to begin with, the problem wouldn’t have been there.

In the same vein, I noticed that my issue about getting the “upgrade to IE” error on IE 8 was actually because the page in Firefox is a result of a redirect – and guess what happens when you copy the redirected URL and paste it into another browser? You guessed it! You get the redirected page instead of the original one. Duh.

Edit: Boy, reading this a month later, I realized I had mixed up the link titles and the link texts. Even took me a while to figure out what I was trying to say there. 😛 Well, that’s fixed now.

Windows 7 RC and Visual Studio 2008

So I thought I’d install VS 2008 to dabble around with WPF a bit. After the installer was finished, I was confronted with this:

Visual Studio 2008 installer, showing an error on every component

OK, so I reboot my machine, and as soon as I log in, this pops up:

Visual Studio 2008 setup screen with "Check for Service Releases" link active

After having seen the error, I think “service releases, let’s see,” and click on the link. Firefox opens up with this:

Firefox showing a Windows Update message asking to visit the site using the latest IE

OK, fair enough, let’s take the URL and fire up IE:

The latest IE showing a Windows Update message asking to visit the site using the latest IE

OK, now you’re just fucking with me. Seriously.

The kicker? Looks like VS has no problems working, despite the apparent failure of every single installed component. 🙂