Back in business

Back to work since yesterday, and hoo boy, it’s good to be alive. It didn’t take long for the hair pulling and swearing to begin, but in a good way. I enjoy the challenge of trying to clean up a messy code base – what I don’t enjoy are the days when progress is scarce.

Popped by the Uni for some Data Structures exercises and to catch a glimpse of my co-students. I felt like staying in, just because I really like the blend of people who appreciate quirky humor, geekiness, caffeine and code.

Today’s challenge was (and tomorrow’s still is…) creating a scheduled task that accesses some features that were – I hesitate to say “designed” – never thought to be useful outside a scenario where we know of a single logged user. It’s not feasible to try to extend the session concept to include a “working as the system here” type of session, due to a large number of potential, unexpected consequences. Hence the sane response seems to be to try and carefully write out the bits that always expect a session to be had.

Normal sleeping patterns are creeping in, after two nights of short, restless sleep and two consecutive mornings of still getting up between 6:15 and 6:45. Good thing I know this works, otherwise I might not have the willpower. I had almost three weeks to sleep as much as I wanted. That’s something I could get used to.

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