New things

Well, it’s been a while since I last took a chance and tried to change the way I use my computer. I’m fairly set in my ways, even though I realize that some of the ways I do things are fairly ineffective. I also feel I’ve sort of fallen behind the curve with regards to making good use of services on the web and whatnot, so I thought I’d try a couple of new things.

First, I’m trying Chrome as my default browser for… well, either until it annoys me and I go back to Firefox, or if it doesn’t, then possibly indefinitely. At first I disliked the idea of a browser without an ad blocker. And then I remembered Privoxy, which seems to pretty much cover what I used to have AdBlock for.

Second, after having read a lot of good things about Windows Live Writer, I’m going to use it to type these entries. In fact, I’m doing it right now, and my first impression is very positive. Apart from the installer that wanted first to install everything and the kitchen sink and then to sign me up for all sorts of things, this is the way software should work. Non-intrusive, helpful, not arrogant.

Third, I took ASP.NET MVC for a quick tour. I didn’t actually write an application yet, I just took a peek at the default app skeleton and futzed around a bit, because a guy on IRC said he found it hard to work with. Positive things: having gotten used to MonoRail in an earlier project, most things felt natural. I was quickly able to add an action to the default controller and modify its behavior. Less positive: the default configuration provides no obvious way of switching to another view engine (or, possibly, it did and I missed it), and I hate the default, which is WebForms. Still, I think it will be a fun framework to dabble with.

It’s funny, but I feel like I really need a project to play with now, while just yesterday completing the exercises for my Data Structures course felt like too much work. Speaking of which, I should take it upon myself to go through the list of essential things from the last couple of weeks and feed them to Anki. The spaced learning system seems interesting, and this would be a perfect time to try it.

Recovery-wise, the inflammation in the eye socket has clearly gone down, it feels more comfortable, and I feel like doing some physical exercise. In fact, I did a 30-minute workout on Wii Fit for the first time in almost six months. It felt good. I suppose I should take it easy for a couple of days still. But I’m definitely going to the sauna today. And have a couple of beers.

On that note, cheers. I’ll try to keep to a more intense posting schedule in the future.

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