Book delivery!

I wasn’t expecting the package to arrive so soon, but it did: I just brought in a box containing nine new books — well, actually, eight books and one booklet. I’ve unboxed the books, and I was just reading the latest mile-long Steve Yegge text, when this bit jumped at me:

if you’re a programmer and you haven’t yet read Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid (usually known as “GEB”), then I envy you: you’re in for a real treat. Get yourself a copy and settle in for one of the most interesting, maddening, awe-inspiring and just plain fun books ever written. The Pulitzer Prize it won doesn’t nearly do it justice. It’s one of the greatest and most unique works of imagination of all time.

Lucky me. One of the eight full-sized books is none other than the aforementioned GEB. 🙂

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