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My mood picked up considerably on Wednesday, when our lecture was shorter than usual, which meant I had time to sit and have lunch with a couple of my fellow students. It’s amazing how much 45 minutes of idle chitchat with people I barely know can have that effect. But I’m glad it does. I’m also glad that I’ve managed to avoid isolating myself.

The appointment with el doctor was a refreshing change. He doesn’t want to do the evisceration — instead, he’d rather spend time looking for alternate ways to make the pain go away before we do something that drastic. Interestingly enough, none of those options were on the table with my previous doc.

I’m getting a mentee tomorrow — that is, a new employee is joining my project and I’ll be his mentor. (Interestingly, I thought “mentee” couldn’t possibly be a real word, and so does Firefox’s spell checker. But lo and behold, if you trust Wiktionary, it actually is.) In practice that means I’ll make sure he gets all the info he needs to work in the project, like how to report hours worked, where to get access to different systems and so on. Nice to be getting a teammate. 🙂

Samuli keeps amazing me by writing thought-provoking blog entries that I read way too infrequently. I’ve known him for over nine years now, and the way he’s grown into the person he is today is nothing short of stunning. I really miss having him around. I need to pay him a visit one of these weekends.

LinAlg exam is on next Wednesday. I’m thinking today I’ll try to go through all the exercises we’ve had and make sure I understand the solutions. I’m pretty sure I’ll pass the exam, but I’d like for it to not be a close call.


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