Vista impressions

A while back I wrote about how I was disappointed with Windows Vista. I was prepared to go back on that statement — I’m beginning to like this thing regardless of the occasional Cancel/Allow dialog. However, one thing still manages to annoy the hell out of me: instability.

Every few days I manage to do something that doesn’t sit well with Vista. Today it was messing around with Emacs — I clicked on a menu item that was supposed to open a dialog. Instead, Emacs froze. I figured it’d be temporary, and tried switching to Firefox, at which point the task bar froze, then Firefox froze and finally the only thing that was working was the ever-reliable mouse pointer.

This really bugs me. For the most part I really like the way things are integrated, and a lot of the changes make a lot of sense to me. But this is something like the fourth total system lockdown I’ve had in just over a week. That’s a bit much.

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