Strengths, weaknesses and dealing with them

A blog post at Girl Developer asks an excellent question:

what are your strengths/weaknesses as a developer? What do you do about them?

Let’s see. I’m not too strong in Computer Science. I’ve done this long enough to not entirely suck, but the further I go the more I keep bumping against walls I can’t scale because the tools required are the stuff people learn in CS.

So what am I doing about it? Getting a CS degree. Going to the university to try and get a foundation, so I can keep on improving.

What else? Well, my exposure to doing anything real with the more current tools is rather limited. And I can’t force myself to play with tools just for the sake of playing, not for long anyway — I need a practical goal. So I’m switching jobs, hopefully the next one will provide ample opportunity to cover more ground, especially in the .NET realm.

This is not to say I quit just because we’re not using the latest MS tools, mind you, there’s no causal relationship, but the action I’m taking does seem to be leading me towards a solution nonetheless. 🙂

As for strengths — well, Google is my second brain, I’m very good at finding information and filtering to get the relevant bits. I’m one of those guys with a proven track record of ramping up fast (sadly, as I’ve written before, that puts me closer to Salieri than Mozart).

I think the key is to move out of your comfort zone often enough so you don’t get stuck in place. From that point of view, I should have moved on two years ago — not that I could have known, of course, and the time between then and now was definitely not a waste.

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