Redo from start…

I got my copy of Calculus Lite, and after hesitating for a couple of days, began reading about derivatives. Much to my amazement, I was able to pick up the trail, at least to some extent. Doing the exercises brought to mind how much I used to enjoy working with simple equations back in the day.

I’m clearly making progress with regards to the problem I was having with math. It’s definitely not gone — long equations still confuse me because it takes time to parse and my pattern matching engine is still untrained for these cases, but something feels different. I tried to describe the feeling to my wife: It’s like looking at a drawing composed of innumerable lines that don’t make any sense, but all of a sudden, a hint of a pattern emerges. Just enough to convince me that the pattern is there, and I have the capacity to learn it, if I push it a bit.

It’s a lot like re-learning math from scratch. I’m a bit intimidated, but also very excited. 🙂

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