I found my lab project grade yesterday…

… it was another 5/5, so I got my aesthetically pleasing sequence. 🙂

The funny part is the grade was already there on the 22th, but I only found it yesterday, and even then by chance. The web site has a “my pages” section that contains information on the courses you’ve attended, but apparently only web course grades are stored there. This grade was on the exam results page, even when there was no exam in the course. Yesterday it just hit me that the grade might be there, and whaddaya know, there it was.

One would imagine that the Department of Computer Science would be the one department actually equipped to create a web site that didn’t suck. 😛


  • Then again, the CS department’s web pages are a true work of art when compared to the spaghetti-like web of wtf that is the University’s web portal. You could do pretty much anything you want to that site and it’d turn out better than it is now.

  • I agree, but I haven’t had to deal with that yet, whereas I’m not so lucky with regards to the pages of the CS dept.

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