PSU blowup

Yesterday morning I woke up to the missus asking me about a strange smell she had noticed. I mumbled, still half asleep, “the computer’s power supply has blown.” She asked if I’m sure. I asked if the Mac Mini was still on. It was. “Try hitting the power button of the PC. Betcha it won’t turn on.” And it didn’t.

The PSU came as a part of my ’06 computer upgrade where I bought, among other things, an Antec Sonata Piano case. Two weeks later, the PSU blew up. I had to wait quite a long time to get a replacement. Two months later, the replacement blew up. Another longish wait ensued. About two years later, again, boom.

I searched for the receipt for the case where it said the warranty was one year. Already irritated, I removed the unit from the case, stuffed it in a bag and throughout the rest of the day at work, mentally prepared to unleash a verbal assault on the staff for not providing a replacement.

Much to my amazement, not only was the unit still under warranty (warranty time three years, the one year warranty was for the case. Who breaks computer cases anyway?), but they also had records of my earlier visits there so I didn’t need a receipt. I got a replacement in just under five minutes, and it was even a newer model.

The Finnish version of The Meaning of Liff has a word, “kälviä,” for the feeling I experienced: when the person you had carefully planned insults for this time turns out to be nice and provide excellent service.

Positive surprises are always welcome. 🙂

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