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This morning I was sitting in front of the computer, blow-drying my hair when I noticed I had an email from the developer of ViEmu. I love the product, and I was entirely prepared to respond to a survey on how awesome it is, but then something caught my eye: the email wasn’t a bulk survey mail. It was a hand-written mail asking a couple of questions about how I liked the product, the web site and whatnot.

How cool is that?

A cynic might suspect it was just generated to look like it was hand-written, but the questions were phrased so that someone must have read my customer details and actually taken the time to only ask questions relevant to me (in this case, the questions regarding the ViEmu version for SQL Server Management Studio which I don’t have a license for were *not* relevant). And it felt like it was really addressed to me, not a Generic Customer™. I like that.

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