Finally, it’s finished

Whoa, over two months since my last posting. Nothing new there, those who know me know the pattern. This time, however, I had a valid reason: I was busy with schoolwork. But now it’s finally over.

I finished my course package at the Open University. My programming lab is still in the process of being graded, but I’ve got a 5/5 for all the other courses, which is no mean feat.

As for the lab project, well, I may have gone a bit overboard on that one. I’ve got 3238 SLOC of code in the project itself, and 2122 SLOC in the JUnit test project[1]. find . -name "*.java" | xargs cat | wc -l tells me I’ve got 6716 physical lines (including comments and blank lines) in the main project and 3348 lines in the test project. I kinda feel sorry for whoever gets to grade it, because they’re probably expecting something an order of magnitude smaller.

Oh, and I probably should have scaled the project down a bit, but then where would the fun have been?

I really hope I get a 5 for that too, because, well, six fives in a row is just aesthetically more pleasing than five fives and, say, a two.

Hardware-pr0n-wise, last month I ordered a Samsung SyncMaster 245b, a 24″ widescreen LCD monitor. Very good purchase, although a bit pricey. Am having trouble coping with the 1440×960 native resolution of my work LCD., the root URL of this blog now redirects to It’s still hosted by Blogger, I’m just gathering personal stuff under the domain. I’m also trialing Google Apps for Domains to use for, haven’t yet decided whether or not I’ll keep it. Probably will though.

Next month I’m planning on tackling a math course. My math skills are frankly nonexistent, and that may actually prove to be a really big issue if I get accepted in at the university, so a little brush-up would be good. Sadly, even the stuff on the elementary course seems to be a notch or two above my understanding, but I might be able to make that leap if I try hard enough.

Interesting times!

[1] Data generated using David A. Wheeler’s ‘SLOCCount

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