Also, a bit nervous…

I’ve been taking university comp sci courses on the side since September. So far I’ve only completed the Intro to Comp Sci that was mostly essay writing and familiarizing oneself with the different aspects of CS. Tomorrow, however, is my first exam. The course is Intro to Databases, and while I’m fairly proficient at getting database work done, I’m nowhere near certain I’ll get a good grade from the exam.

First of all, the course was a web course, so no conversation, no teaching and very little commitment from me. Second, the terminology doesn’t quite map with what I’ve grown used to — in part because it’s in Finnish and in part because I tend to think in SQL, not relational algebra.

I’m fairly certain I’ll pass, but I’d really like to get a good grade, because it affects my chances to apply to the university. I’ve got four more courses, and if my marks are high enough, I just might get in.

Oh well, better not fret, I guess I’ll just go through the old exams again once or twice for practice and then see where I end up. 🙂

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